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Choices - Palliate, Suppress or Remove...

Given good healthy nutrition, clean water and a healthy living environment, our body will generally heal itself as this is what it is designed to do.

We will often turn to medicines or treatments in an effort to quicken this process so that we can get back to doing whatever we do with minimal down time. However, by treating our symptoms with medicines and other treatments, we will often palliate or suppress them. By copying symptoms however, we can remove them.

What is palliation?

Palliation comes from the Greek word that means ‘to hide or disguise’, so palliation offers relief of symptoms but will not correct the underlying problem causing the symptoms in the first place. Palliation can be achieved by medicines and therapies which offer a ‘quick fix’ but once treatment/medicine is stopped or wears off, the symptoms return. An example of this is the pain of a pulled muscle that can be relieved by an analgesic or eczema which can be reduced by using cortisone.

The body is usually able to heal itself of acute ailments, such as the pulled muscle, without the use of medicines or treatment if given time , but the analgesic or anti-inflammatory will palliate the pain in the process. However with more chronic conditions such as the eczema, cortisone will temporarily mask the symptoms during treatment but will not correct the underlying problem.

And suppression…

Suppression provides relief of symptoms in the same way that palliation does but this is where the similarity ends. When symptoms are suppressed, they do not return – but they have not been eradicated either. Instead, suppressed symptoms are in fact pushed inwards where they create new symptoms at a deeper level.

Why symptoms?

Symptoms are the way our body tells us that something is not quite right – they act as a signpost pointing to the deeper energetic imbalance that is the actual cause of our ill-health. Without this signpost, the imbalance will over time increase to the point that in worst case scenario, life is lost.

The signpost is removed when palliation is used repeatedly for symptoms and when this happens, suppression takes place. Immediate symptoms are relieved, but our long term health is impacted.

When our body is not in balance, the vital force will always choose the least harmful way of indicating something is not right, by expressing symptoms via a superficial organ system such as the skin. If these symptoms are suppressed from the skin, they body will seek out a deeper organ to express symptoms through such as a lung or a joint. We see from this that what may start as eczema symptoms appearing on the skin, eventually over time, change into asthma or arthritis if continually palliated or suppressed by using cortisone creams.

Further to this, if the new expressed symptoms of asthma or arthritis are then suppressed, more important organs will be impacted as the body’s vital force continues to seek to express the imbalance.

Unfortunately, one often thinks they are getting better in the earlier stages of suppression as the cause of their concern (ie: eczema) is gone. Unless understanding how the body manages ill-health, recognition that they are actually getting worse does not occur and overtime the suppressed symptoms are replaced with more serious ones. As new problems occur, the connection is not made to the previously expressed symptoms and health further deteriorates.

Our vital force is also weakened through constant suppression of symptoms as this is working against what our body is trying to do, which in the simplest terms is to heal itself. Our vital force naturally weakens as we age, however, by suppressing symptoms with medicines we are quickening this process. The end result of a weakened system is open door to the development of multiple chronic conditions and an increasing number of medicines being taken to control the long list of symptoms – worsening health further not to mention quality of life.

How does using Homeopathy fit into this??

Copying or mimicking symptoms is what Homeopathy is about! The best way to treat health problems is to work with our body rather than against it and understand that symptoms, as previously mentioned, are sign posts giving us vital information on how to help the body with its own healing efforts, rather than the disease itself.

In my earlier blogs on Homeopathy , we understand that it is through using medicines that mimic or copy the symptoms we want removed actually reinforces the body’s efforts to correct the energetic imbalance. Applying this Law of Similars or like to like approach is the foundation of Homeopathic practice and is still the best way of restoring health and vitality.

So - in a nutshell - your future quality of life is largely dependent on the choice you make in viewing and managing your symptoms.

Do you see them as positive signs enabling you to support your body in its efforts to heal or do you choose to simply palliate and ultimately suppress??

Homeopathic medicine is safe, non-addictive, side effect free and can be used alongside other prescribed medications. At no time should you discontinue prescribed medications without the supervision of your healthcare professional.

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