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Diagnosis - necessary or not?

Common diseases and illnesses treated conventionally with common drugs is generally a one shoe fits all type of approach. Whilst diseases and illnesses manifest common symptoms in the vast majority of people, individual assessment and treatment still needs to be paramount. Homeopathic medicine takes into account the diagnosis of disease and the common expression of it, but this is not the first and foremost point of reference. 


In totality we are a story book full of experiences - physical, spiritual,

emotional and mental expressions that have molded us into who we currently are. We all have family history that is also full of mental, physical and emotional expressions that play a role in the book that is us.

Homeopathic treatment focuses on the individual’s own personal expression of symptoms of illness or disease currently and from past history.


An example could be the diagnosis of arthritis. Whilst there are common symptoms of arthritis, there are many different experiences of the pain that patients feel. Some are worse at night, others worse during the day. Some better for heat whilst others feel better for cold. Some are better moving about whilst others feel better when they are completely still. Pressure can provide relief to some whilst others cannot bear pressure at all.

In Homeopathy it is these ‘personalised’ symptoms that usually point to the correct, or matching remedy for the individual patient. Conventional diagnosis, whether for ‘arthritis’ or any other disease, is not the most important aspect.

What this means is that Homeopathy can assist symptoms of illness or disease regardless of whether it has been diagnosed in conventional terms, or not. This is of great benefit to people who have been told that ‘nothing can be done’ without a diagnosis or told ‘there is nothing wrong with you’ if conventional diagnostic tests do not show any abnormality or indicate a specific conventionally recognized disease or illness.

If the symptoms being experienced by a person are able to be accurately expressed, then the use of individualized Homeopathic medicine to alleviate those symptoms is a most wonderful, natural and side-effect free option.

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