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What is 'Potentisation'?

Previously in my post about the Law of Similars I mentioned the use of the conventional drug Ritalin as a treatment for hyperactivity, and how this is actually in accordance with the Law of Similars (like to like). The difference however is that Ritalin produces side effects, whereby homeopathic remedies are free from side effects…..well this brings me to now share with you how homeopathic medicines are ‘Potentised’, a method which renders them free from toxic side effects but still able to elicit a healing response from the body.

Initially homeopathic remedies were prescribed in crude doses, and produced side effects just the same as other medicines. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy was still extremely successful in treating patients using crude medicines according to the Law of Similars or like to like, compared to other treatments of the day like blood letting/ leeching or giving emetics to restore ‘balance’ but often ended up making patients weaker and sicker or even killing them!

Hahnemann discovered that by diluting the remedy, he was able to rid them of their toxic side effects but in doing so, they also lost their healing abilities.

Whilst it is not clear about how Hahnemann came across the process of potentisation – he discovered that by diluting a remedy AND then vigorously agitating it (whether by hitting into the palm of the hand or on a hard covered book or surface) a very powerful yet safe medicine was produced.

Potentisation involves the repeated dilution and jarring or shaking (succussion) of a substance to remove the toxic side effects, and in this process, the healing effects are amplified. The succussion somehow releases the dormant energy of the substance into its liquid carrier. If the substance happens to be insoluble it will firstly be ground with a lactose base until it reaches a point where it can be dissolved (this method is called trituration).

How does it work and what are the benefits?

Whilst still not entirely understood, it is clear that the process of potentisation imprints the energetic information of the original substance into the liquid during the stages of succussion. The liquid is then prescribed according to the Law of Similars either in pillule form or as drops. Taking the medicine in either form then triggers a self- healing reaction in the body that helps move the sick person back to a state of health.

The benefit of potentisation is that it creates safe and effective homeopathic remedies by removing harmful side effects - basically turning what would normally be poisonous, addictive or even inert substances into powerful, effective and safe medicines.

An example is Opium which in its crude state is highly addictive but in its homeopathic form, the method of potentisation removes the chemicals that can lead to addiction and it can then be safely used to treat a range of symptoms including stupor or coma.

Homeopathic remedies are safe to use with conventional medicines

Whilst conventional drugs are used to control symptoms on a physical level, homeopathic remedies act on a deeper level, trigger a healing response in the underlying dynamic plane. This action in turn flows through to have a positive effect on the physical level.

Because of this differing action, and the fact that homeopathic remedies have no unwanted side effects, the two can be used together without interacting negatively.

The downside to taking conventional medicines is that they can cover up or suppress the very symptoms necessary to prescribe the best suited homeopathic remedy, according to the Law of Similars (like to like).

If it is necessary to take conventional medicines whilst undergoing homeopathic treatment, then symptoms would be monitored for improvement stimulated by homeopathic treatment and a reduction in the conventional medicine can then be made, obviously with guidance from your medical practitioner or specialist.

A wonderful discovery just as relevant today

The amazing method which is potentisation, discovered and put into practice over 200 years ago by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, has allowed crude and toxic substances to be transformed into very safe and deep acting medicines, that are used just as successfully today when prescribed according to the Law of Similars. Homeopathic medicines can be used by any person, no matter what age or stage of life and can also be successfully used to treat our beloved animals too.

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