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In conjunction with your homeopathic treatment, it may be necessary to provide you with additional support by way of supplementation. These supplements are well known and regarded practitioner only products of a very high standard from Bioceuticals and Metagenics.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
$170 test fee (plus personalised recommended supplements)

$50 consult fee

Despite good treatment, we can often we have health issues that regularly relapse or never seem to fully clear up. This can be the result of vital mineral imbalances in our system, including the build up of toxic heavy metals such as copper, lead and mercury, which then create an ongoing health obstacle.

A Hair analysis is a safe and non-invasive pathology test which measures the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in the hair. Our hair provides an accurate record of cellular activity from external substances that enter the body as well as substances that enter it from the blood. The minerals are fixed in the hair structure and do not significantly change once that portion of hair has grown.

Rather than taking supplements that you may not need and can cause further imbalances, this information can help me to recommend dietary changes and correct supplementation, in addition to homeopathic treatment, to assist your body to regain balance.

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Homeopathic First Aid Kits

$230      20 medicines and leather case.

Perfect for first point of call first aid use in the home or holiday environment


Aconite 30C       

Allium cepa 30C

Apis 30C

Arnica 30C

Arsenicum 30C

Belladonna 30C

Cantharis 30C

Chamomilla 30C

Euphrasia 30C

Ferrum phos 30C

Gelsemium 30C

Hepar Sulph 30C

Hypericum 30C

Igantia 30 C

Ipecacuanha 30C

Kali Mur 30C

Ledum 30C

Pulsatilla 30C

Rhus Tox 30C

Spongia 30C

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