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  About Lily

My Journey

My interest in using natural therapies to heal mind and body has been with me as long as I can remember. For myself, visiting a Naturopath if I was unwell along with using aromatherapy, was always the preferred option unless absolutely necessary (fortunately this was rare).

An invite to attend a weekend workshop on the use of Homeopathy in first aid situations was my first introduction to this modality of healthcare. Well, they say, the rest is history - the information I took in from that weekend just felt so right it was amazing - I knew from then on that this is how I wanted to treat myself and my family.

Since that weekend over 18 years ago, my Homeopathic remedies have been used over and over. My son, now approaching 21, has come through many childhood illnesses unscathed using Homeopathic treatment. The way Homeopathy assists the body to successfully overcome illness whilst strengthening it at the same time never ceases to amaze me. My desire to spread the benefits of this health modality, as well through encouragement from my own highly regarded Homeopath Pearl Rogers, lead me to complete an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy. 

I also hold a Diploma in Spiritual Counselling and am a qualified Hahnemann Healing practitioner and trainer (specialised emotional healing) and Medium. I have also completed a Certificate in Human Nutrition.  All of these modalities dovetail together beautifully.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to greater heath and well being.

Lily x  

Advanced Diploma Homeopathy

Diploma Spiritual Counselling (Sphinx Spiritual)

Hahnemann Healer & Trainer (Sphinx Spiritual)

Medium (Sphinx Spiritual)

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