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Complementary Therapies

As well as being a qualified Homeopathic Clinician supporting your holistic health, I am also proud to be a qualified Emotional Healer (Hahnemann healing), Spiritual Counsellor and Medium, thus offering these services.

Hahnemann Healing
Appointments 60 minutes $90

Hahnemann Healing  is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness.  These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life. 
This includes the emotions that may preclude people from getting better after a medical procedure.


Hahnemann Healing works by trained Practitioners placing healing energy into points on the body, which is then directed to where specific emotions are held within the body as blockages (often resulting in feelings of physical pain).  The healing energy used varies according to the emotion being dealt with. 

This process releases the blockage within the body thereby improving physical and emotional health

HH images-02.jpg
Holding Hands

Spiritual Counselling
Appointments 60 minutes $90

Spiritual Counselling is a form of counselling that intervenes in a person's thought process, giving an understanding of the origin of their actions and reactions, and offers another belief system to dealing with life's issues.

It assists you to identify what you need in your life in order to grow and be fulfilled. It allows an understanding of the reasons for being in the relationships they are in. They can then decide what they want and need to do about their situation.


This form of Counselling is designed to act quickly so that people can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living. 

Spiritual Counselling is not for those people who want to remain in a state of pity. It is only for those who genuinely want to improve their life at an emotional level. It is healing, it is helpful, it is concerting and uplifting.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
Test $185   Consultation $80

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an analytical test that offers clinical insight into your health by identifying nutrient deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances. Hair tissue is one of the best indicators of exposure to environmental toxins and identifying toxic metal overload. It is a safe and non-invasive test that reflects the level of nutrient and toxic elements in the body tissue, recorded in the hair over a 3 - 4 month period.


It is regarded by many integrative doctors, nutritional therapists and vets as one of the most valuable screening tools available in everyday and preventative health care.

Hair test.jpg
Image by Osama Elsayed

Mediumship readings
1 hour readings $100

Since the  beginning of time when people looked to the great spirit for guidance and direction, mediumship readings have been used by leaders and people from all walks of life to gain a greater understanding of life and a deeper knowledge of their own path forward. I offer readings that are private, confidential and given with integrity and care.

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