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Could your hair hold the key?

It is not something that you would think of, that your hair holds so much information about the workings of your body. But it does....sounds intriguing doesn't it? Every centimeter of our hair

holds the record of the metabolic activity of our body over a period of one month approx. This record contains the levels of stored nutritional elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and the like, as well as whatever heavy metals are in there too such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and more. These elements are stored in our tissues (being muscles, bones, organs etc) and are pulled into and pushed out of the blood when needed by the blood to keep itself in balance. A blood test will give a snapshot of approx 5 days activity in the body whereas a hair test analysis shows what has been happening for the past 3-4 months. Therefore it is a great tool to determine potential health effects long before they show up in a blood test or before they actually start to affect you physically. When nutrients are deficient or in excess they have a direct impact on our emotions, how wired or tired we feel, how we sleep, what foods we crave, they impact our thyroid and adrenal function and our hormones. Most noticeable is the effect on children's behaviour and often they are classed as ADHD when in fact a huge part of the issue is an excess or deficiency in key nutrients, that can be corrected using a combination of foods, short term supplements and homeopathic medicines. I test my own hair every 12 months and have had fabulous results with changes made that I would not have otherwise known I needed to make. One fundamental mistake people make is supplementing without knowing that they actually need what they are taking. The nutrients in our body are so finely tuned that taking something such as Magnesium (used all the time for sleep/muscle relaxation) can cause a deficiency in Calcium and muck up the Potassium/Sodium ratio, which has a negative flow on effect to exactly what they wanted the Magnesium for - sleep and relaxation! A hair test analysis is a simple test, taking a small sample of hair close to the scalp, filling out the required info and sending off! A comprehensive report is provided and I add to this also. The cost for the test itself is $175 and my fee for the results consult and notes is $70. Well worth the cost!

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