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What to do with a fever?

Whenever there is fever accompanying an illness - particularly in young children and babies - we are generally overcome with a level of anxiety and trepidation as a parent as to what is the best thing to do for our child. Most commonly we are told to bring the fever down by the use of drugs such as Panadol and the like.

Fevers are a vital part of the healing process. A fever is what our body does to literally burn out the contagion that is causing the illness. Suppressing a fever with medicines can delay or even compromise the healing process. The best way to deal with fever is to let it run its course – obviously closely monitoring the temperature and general reactions of the child and ensuring the child is as comfortable and hydrated as possible.

There are many homoeopathic medicines that can assist with the healing process during fever and illness without suppressing the action of the body. The medicines also provide strengthening support to the immune system overall.

For more information on how homoeopathic medicines can assist with the ongoing health and wellbeing of you and your family, please contact via mobile 0409 381 128, email at or call into the clinic at 112 High Street (opposite MACE).

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